Some people seem to think that some stories, like "Herobrine" or "Squidward's Suicide" or "Suicidemouse.avi", are above any type of criticism, partly because any cliches in them weren't cliche at the time, and these stories led to certain types of stories. However, does this mean that these stories are above any sort of criticism?

Nope, it doesn't.

Anything - be it art, writing, games, or what have you - is worthy of some sort of criticism once it's created. People have opinions, and they will express their opinions about certain works.

"But [insert well known but not very good Creepypasta story here] led to the creation of [insert whatever type of story the pasta ended up popularizing here]! Doesn't that get it a pass from any sort of criticism?" Nope! These stories should usually be judged on their own merits, and by their own merits, quite a bit of them suck. So what if they led to the creation of more "lost episode" stories? That doesn't really affect their quality. (And if it does, it kind of makes them worse) They can still be judged. They're not above any sort of criticism. Nothing is.

Who cares if "Herobrine" led to the creation of more Minecraft based Creepypasta stories? Does this affect the story itself? Nope. Does what it created give it a free pass? Not at all. It's still a story, and stories could, and should, be judged.

That's really all I have to say here. No story is perfect, and no story is above criticism.