It's been suggested that perhaps the Riffs should be put on a wordpress or blog of some sort. It's not a bad idea, and I'm planning on doing so. I'll start work on a blog soon, but eventually all the Riff will be on said blog, and I'll just announce my Riffs on here, and say that you should check out the blog. I also plan to put previous Riffs on said blog, along with ruminations of sorts about them.

Now, like I said, I'm not sure when this will all be done, and for now, I'll post the Riffs on the Wiki. But remember that eventually the Riffs will end up on the blog.

I'll post more updates as more stuff is created.

(By the way, I find it both funny and pretty cool that the Riffs were mentioned on a staff blog. Apparently I started a trend of sorts. Go figure.)


The site is up, but under construction. The only new thing is some ruminations on the "Jeff the Killer" Riff. If you're curious about the site, go to