I could go through some intro or something, but I decided, screw it, I'll cut to the chase: I won't really be able to post Riffs on the weekends for an undetermined amount of time. Why? Personal reasons that I have no wish to go into.

That being said, I will try and do some Riffs during the week. But for the few weeks I've been doing the Riffs, it's been almost exclusively a weekend thing, and I want to keep that alive. So, I'm having someone take over the weekend shift for me. She's a friend of mine, and known on here as TeaCupsinBlackandWhite (though I call her Poison, because pseudonyms are awesome). Now, I'm not having her take over simply because she's a friend. I've read some of her writing, and it shows sarcasm and smartassery, important things to have when Riffing. Really, the thing I'm worried about is that if she posts (things could happen to prevent her from doing so; look at me), you guys will like her Riffs better than mine.

Now, my lack of posting on the weekends is temporary. I will be back on the weekend shift at some point. But until then, I leave you in the able hands of Poison (hell, if the response is positive enough and she wants to, she can continue doing the Riffs on the weekend. We can work side by side), at least for the Creepypasta Riffs. For the BIONICLE ones, I'll just work on them during the week. Then again, no one reads the BIONICLE Riffs anyway, so I don't think any of you care.

So, to recap: I'll be Riffing during the week (not sure which days. Just whenever), and TeaCupsinBlackandWhite, aka Poison, will be Riffing during the weekend.

I'm sorry I can't Riff during the weekends. I know a lot of you like them, which really makes me happy and kind of surprises me. When I started the Riffs, a part of me thought that it would be deleted (someone had done a thing called "Pasta Sins", but didn't have the story they were sinning. I thought it was because the person couldn't post the pasta along with the sins). Yet not only did it stay, but quite a few people liked it. I really appreciate the support I've gotten for these. So, thank you to everyone who has supported these Riffs. And sorry I can't post on the weekends. But I am leaving the Riffs in very capable hands. So check them out on the weekends, and see how Poison does.

So, what do you guys think? Are you sad to see me kind of go? Excited to see what Poison has in store? Do you wish I would just shut up and die? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!