There has been some talk of rewriting the story of Jeff the Killer, since the original one wasn't very good and has a plot hole or five (Why did Liu go to jail instead of Jeff? Wasn't there an investigation into that?). So, a thought occurred to me: leave the main story beats of the original pasta, just have humor in it. Of course, quite a bit of it will be humor stating some of the original pasta's plot holes. For example, a scene such as this:

"Jeff, despite the fact that your brother was sent to jail without much of an investigation or due process, and you're obviously still sad about that, you still have to go to a party." Jeff's mother said.

"Mom, you suck as a parent," Jeff responded.

Granted, this scene won't be what's actually written if the actual thing is written, but you get the idea.

Anyone else have ideas to contribute, or think this is a bad idea? If so, please let me know.

UPDATE: I'm presently working on the first draft of this. Just so you all know.