I have three ideas kicking around and am having a hard time committing to a single one. I've seen a couple of people post a blog like asking which story they should make next in the past, so I thought that this might be a good way to inspire me into making one of the stories happen. Before I bring up the choices and descriptions of them, I must state it is possible that the winner never gets made into a story, because if I feel that it doesn't reach the quality level that I want then it won't get released. That said, here are my ideas:

Unnamed Yeti Story: A researcher and his team finds the Yeti in snowy mountains which leads to them attempting to flee. It's a pretty simple idea, but the Yeti in this story is not traditional. It'd be more of a big gooey blob that has covered itself with the fur of animals that it had killed. I have an idea for a sequel on this in which the researcher's son sets out to find the Yeti to prove it is real.

My Heart Belongs to Bermuda: A cruise-liner that is headed toward the Bahamas diverts course to avoid a tropical cyclone and ends up experiencing some bad luck which lands its sole survivor in the Bermuda. I haven't decided if I wanted to go the monster route or a mad scientist that removes people's hearts and brains (which he manages to keep alive) route.

I'll Kill You, Take Two: A man's son had attempted to murder the protagonist years prior and the protagonist killed the man's son in self-defense. The protagonist ends up at the killer's father's house after some car trouble without realizing who the person is or their relation to the horror he went through years prior. The man lets the protagonist stay the night at his house while promising to call for a tow truck in the morning. After various attempts to kill the protagonist the father realizes that he is in the wrong and can't do it, however the protagonist discovers who the man is and intends to kill him in what he believes to be self-defense.

Anyway, those are my ideas. Thanks for reading, any thoughts or comments are appreciated.