First thing first, would it be appropriate for me to call myself an artist? I consider writing to be an art and while one could call me a storyteller, I suck at verbally telling stories, so that seems inappropriate. I kid, I kid, I'm going to call myself whatever I want; just trying to be funny.

I want to apologize for my inactivity on the wiki and state that I'm trying to do better, I've just had a lot going on recently. So, sorry for all the slow responses and making an edit or two a day instead of the usual; just trying to keep relevant.

Dear reader, you may or may not have noticed, but my content output has been slowing down. This is because I decided to scrap a couple of my stories due to my excitement for them dwindling as their construction went on. If I am not excited about my stories, then would I honestly be putting in 100% effort? More importantly, if I am not excited about my stories, would my reader(s) be?

Due to my personal feelings I have decided to give Rent to Own and The Museum the ax. I may revisit them someday and make major changes when I'm feeling it, but I feel that if I were to push them out then I would not be able to honestly claim that I gave it my best and that it would be unfair to any who read them.

I am excited though, for I did manage to come up with a new concept. I'm going to write another Pasta set in a prison, but instead of focusing on the side of the law like I did with Boulder City Prison -which I consider to be my best Pasta- I am going to focus on a prisoner and the Hell that he'll be subjected to.

In closing: I was wondering what Pasta-based decisions have you readers made, but it pained you/was hard for you to make.