I'm a bit early on this blog, but I had a situation arise that is unique to me and I felt like discussing it. I've been busy writing my second prison based pasta, Sentenced, which has been going great, it already looks like it is going to be very long. However, when I was working on it last night I kept getting more and more ideas which obviously wouldn't fit into the pasta, then I looked over at some of the content I had and felt that it would be better off removed and done as another story with some of my discarded ideas being implemented into that.

My decision to split up the pasta has allowed me to do both endings; -the stories are similar, but entirely different- I felt that each was really good. I was wondering if anybody else has ever decided to split a pasta in two? Like, take your ideas that you felt would work, but put them in another pasta because you felt that it would have been too much, bloated the pasta and ruined the pacing.

It's just an odd situation to me.