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Sequels and Sequel Advice

Doom Vroom October 13, 2015 User blog:Doom Vroom

Sequels tend to be awful, in my experience, however when a sequel is done right it can make the original work shine much more brightly. I've been wary of doing any sequels, however I had a great idea for a sequel pasta (thanks to a question that Banning asked me) and have thus begun writing a sequel to my pasta The Cropping of Life.

This has led me to ask the question of what makes a successful sequel and so I was wondering what advice/opinions all of you had in regards to what makes a great sequel as opposed to a crappy one that shames the original work.

I'm planning on it being more descriptive, slower paced, and longer, but focused on the single question of what happens when one survives that which happens in 'The Cropping of Life'.

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