I'm suffering from a severe case of writer's burnout to where I'm just not able to retain interest with the Creepypasta that I've been writing. I've cancelled two works and have started on three others, but I am not getting anywhere with them. This is very unusual for me as I had never cancelled any of my works up to this point, nor have I ever worked on multiple things at once. It isn't that I am lacking in terms of where I want to take them, but rather that I don't have the will to write them. So, after I put out Trigger -assuming that I am able to remain passionate enough to finish it- I'll be temporarily retiring from Creepypasta and moving on to writing other things.

I plan on sticking around and definitely will be around to judge for the contest as I gave my word on that. However, my presence here will probably be less than it has been. I guess I'll basically be a lurker that might occasionally try to lend a helping hand. Hopefully I end up getting over the burnout soon. I wanted to thank the Creepypasta Wiki community for their kindness toward me and my stories as well as let you all know why I won't be putting out anything new or appearing as much for a while.

Thanks for all the challenges, thrills, and scares :)