The following is an opinion piece and is not meant to hurt anybody's feelings or single anyone out. I wrote the following in the hopes of starting a serious discussion and getting other people's views on such matters.

OC or Original Characters (in this case), is something that I frequently see done poorly. I think that most of the problem is that when people begin to write Creepypasta with an OC in it, they focus on the OC instead of the plot and because of this the OC usually ends up being a horrifically overpowered mess. I'd say that a pitfall of making an OC is that when the creator tries to visualize it they might end up looking at existing material (Jason Vorhees for example) and then end up accidentally having their OC be him, but just by another name.

I believe that a story turns out better when people focus on making a compelling plot instead of trying to make a unique antagonist. One trend that I've noticed is that the antagonist usually kills the main character (especially in monster based Creepypasta) and while there is nothing wrong with that, I think it has become quite expected for stories to end that way at this point. I mean, sure, it's scary that it is still out there, but you know, it's pretty scary that the thing existed in the first place. If some sort of monster existed then wouldn't that mean that there would be more? :O

Another trend that slightly bothers me is when I'm unable to figure out how the story is being relayed to me. If everyone dies that suffers the horrors of the Creepypasta then who is left to share the tale? Who would know about what transpired? I try to account for cameras that might be present to record things if a story takes place in a mall or some such. It's a minor thing that ultimately isn't even an issue, but it gets on my nerves from time to time. Despite that I have a story or two in which I'm guilty of doing the same.

Cliches don't bother me as long as they seem original (minus the cliched part) or are presented in a fairly original way. I feel like everything is pretty much a cliche at this point.

To all who read this: "What do you do to make your OC unique without making them overpowered? What trends bug you? What are your views on what I have stated?"

Thanks for sticking out my blog post (I'm sure that there are some errors in it) and reading through it.