I thought I'd talk about what has influenced my writing; what has steered me to get the ideas that I get. I'm actually very curious as to what influences those that read this blog post as well, please feel free to share. Television has influenced my Creepypasta writing tremendously, but nothing has done so more than a television series called Tales from the Darkside. The show was cheesy at times, but it also explored a very wide range of ideas, it's something that I really enjoyed watching in my youth. I also enjoyed watching a show called The Outer Limits. The Outer Limits had a habit of taking certain stories and connecting them together in some way which is something I really admire. I really liked the far out topics and plots that both series explored.

The Twilight Zone also influenced me to a lesser extent. Some of the stories I'd find enjoyable while others I'd find boring and stupid. The three shows taught me dark humor and how it could be injected into story telling. One show in particular got me interested in horror and Urban Legends, the show was called Mostly True Stories: Urban Legends Revealed. I came to appreciate things such as The Hook and The Babysitter's Upstairs Caller because they had a moral behind them. While I don't always incorporate morals in my writing, I sometimes try to. Although the chances are next to none, I'd love to create the next big Urban Legend.

All of those shows has made me think in some way which is what I try to do to the reader with my Creepypasta. I enjoy leaving things open ended when I can and at other times I enjoy closing things off; I choose based upon which seems more necessary and makes for a better experience. I try to absorb myself into my writing and get a sense of how that world would work and how the characters should react. Most of my ideas come about when I look at something and try to figure out how to make it scary or when I try to think about how I could make a bad situation worse.

Dear reader(s), what has inspired you and what is your writing process like?