aka Kendrick D. Longhouse

  • I live in Miami, FL
  • I was born on September 16
  • I am Male
  • DontTouchMeImDrunk

    What fucking angers me is the fact that I spend 2 hours making a creepypasta and they have to delete it. They say "Does not meet the wiki'squality standards: content was: "Five subjects were put in a room with nothing but food, drinks, five chairs for them to sit in, and five beds. All five subjects were being ..." Fuck your damn quality standards, shove 'em up your ass, I come on this wikia to make creepypastas, not to waste 2 hours making a creepypasta that was both awesome and creepy and I have to have it deleted by this bullshit EmpyrealInfective dude, now look dude, I know you have special moderation on this bullshit you call Creepypasta Wiki, but what upsets me even more, is that you don't even allow my damn Creepypastas on your siteā€¦

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