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Sort of an intro for a new user

Hello, I'm Donnie'sDarko, and I'm a new user here. I have been on this wikia for about the last 2 years (?), and I love reading original pastas. I've never really been a fan of Cliched writings, like Jeff The Killer, or Slender Man (not to knock the authors), because I find it lacks originality. I recently decided to make an account because I love to write, especially darker stories, and short thrillers. I would love to post, but am a bit shy about my work. If any of you have any pointers for me, I'd love it. :) I'd also wouldn't mind making a few buddies on here, if possible. I can't wait to get reading y'all's writings, and writing my own. Thanks for reading through this post. :)

(extra info, AKA a little about me)

I've always enjoyed writing, and I love pastas. I also draw a lot. As you can tell from my name, I love the cult classic DONNIE DARKO. Horror and creepiness is my speciality, and I hope this is the community for me. BTW, I have read the Rules and Guidelines and such, thank you for those pointers. 

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