Now, to those of you who don't know about this, The Basement Man is a creepypasta that I have been developing for weeks. It tells the story of how the hero, "Lars", simply recalls a nightmarish experience from his teen years of how he falls into the restricted basement and uncovers a dark secret inside. I have attempted to post this onto this very site, but, of course, it was sadly deleted as it was explained how someone would be able to keep talking despite the horror they have experienced. But, ever since, I have been making different add ins to the story. Now, seeing as that was all I could think of, I think I can also say that I came up with this name because any creepypasta with the word "man" in it always seems to grab my attention. The most ideal one involving the word "man" is The Pastel Man. But, back to the subject. I'm still putting my work in development and within each improvement, I give it some thought before posting it. I think I should really look at the rules of the site, it might help me, even in the slightest.