I just listened to a creepypasta called "Witness" and, just to say, it was the first one to scare me in a while. At the end, when the girl said "Witness" to me, I swear my neck hair stood on end. I also heard a knock on my door, which shocked me, but it was just a friend of mine, Alex. He asked if my mum was home, but I said no. Just to say, it's a training day at my school, so I'm at home right now. Anyway, the door knocked again and I opened it, it was a delivery guy who was there, with a big package by his feet. He asked me if my dad was home, but I said no, so he asked me to sign, which I did. He thanked me and walked off. I carried the package inside the house and went upstairs to write this. A couple of strange stuff has been happening today, like I heard noises from the front room, but there was nothing there. It could have just been the neighbours next door, they always make noises, shouting usually. Anyway, I guess it's not very surprising, because my imagination is known to play tricks on me. Ever since I been listening to Creepypastas, I have been having unreal feelings around my house. One of which is whenever I stare down a small hallway leading to my bathroom, I have a nervous feeling, but that usually happens when the lights are off and the room is dark. I think I'm starting to get scared of the dark, which, in retrospect, I probably should have guessed before. Now, off the subject, I'm still developing the Creepypasta I want to release and I think I am making progress. Anyway, I'm listening to another pasta right now and, let me tell you, it's one of the most fucked up stories I ever heard. I think I just said a bit too much, but anyway, I'll see you in the next blog. Bye.