I think 2016 has given me a bad turn, my uncle's partner is facing breast cancer (this isn't funny BTW) and my grandfather is now in hospital, something about a chest infection. It's a big deal for my mum, her mum died when I was only two years old, and before my brother was born. The last thing she needs is losing her dad before Christmas. But, Dad's told me he's pulling through. After all, my grandfather has climbed hills and mountains and that's never stopped him. I haven't heard much about my uncle's partner for a while, I should probably ask Mum or Dad about it at daylight. Also, a couple of months ago, my cousin was in hospital due to depression for reasons I don't know. He's out now and he's pulling through. I am dreading next year on the election though, it's not far. Anyway, there's also something else... I think I'm starting to grow very, VERY paranoid from these 'pastas. I just want to forget about this whole thing, this probably wouldn't be happening if I hadn't seen that 'pasta: It Has No Face. I only watched it because I thought it was a Slender Man thing, I was a bit obssessed with Slender Man at the time. Ever since I watched that creepypasta, I have been watching more and more of them. I keep hearing and seeing stuff in my head I don't want to. If anyone reads, please note that right now, I'm in my bed at nearly one in the morning with my door ajar. I want to close it, but I think I might be too scared to do so. Also, I wanna ask a question: is there anyone else on this site who is going through the same thing from reading or listening to creepypastas? Anyway, I should probably get to sleep now, I have to get my sleep because I'm going to visit my grandfather in a couple of days. Also, I have come up with a great idea for a creepypasta, it's a bit like Jeff the Killer, Ticci-Toby, Laughing Jack... stuff like that, maybe some of you can work with me on this. I've already come up with a title and am part-way with the plot. If you wanna know what it is, note the name: Larso the Death Bringer. Anyway, I think I said way too much and it's two past one now, so I'm gonna go to sleep. Okay, just saying that last part just sent shiver down my spine. So... goodnight.