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    CONJENCTURE: This will be updated with new content at random intervals (i.e., whenever something pops into my head that I like). Also, this is not about my complaints with this Wiki, nor Wikia in general; that will come at a later date.

    Dear Wiki,

    So I thinking about a pasta that was deleted today that was a "Lost Episode" pasta on Winnie the Pooh called "Peek-a-Boo Piglet Too". Now normally I would be fine with this, if it not for the fact that the pasta was better than some pastas which were on the site already, but had not been deleted. This made me think: How could we allow good creepypastas from blacklisted topics without overloading the site?

    Here's what I propose: a page entitled Blacklist Appeal. It would work similarly to Deletion Appea…

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