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  • I was born on October 30
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  • DoctorBleed

    This post is particularly directed towarrds the moderators/administrators of this site.

    I'm making this post because currently I'm trying to publish a collection of my short stories on Amazon Kindle. Currently, my book is blocked due to copyright concerns with KDP, with the fact that many of the stories are freely available online serving as another complication. 

    To publish my book on KDP, they need to verify that I have sole publishing rights to these stories. I notice many of the stories I've posted here are labeled "Creative Commons." I have to ask, does that disqualify me from having "sole publishing rights?" If so, I would like the license to be changed so that I can profit off my intellectual property.

    Thank you in advance for any help…

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  • DoctorBleed

    Steam App Reiew

    January 25, 2017 by DoctorBleed

    Note: I'm aware this review doesn't have much to do with the subject of the site, but I have nowhere else to put this and I treat making reviews as a general writing exercise, so I think it is allowed. If it isn't, I sincerely apologize.

    Steam is a massively-multiplayer card collecting and hat trading simulator with an exciting and unique game selling feature. I'm kidding, but only a little bit - that's the messed up thing.

    If you've ever played a modern PC game, you've probably at least heard of Steam. It's almost impossible to avoid, actually. That's a big part of the problem. Steam is an application created by Valve Software (a company known for creating Half-Life, Portal and Team Fortress) for the sale, distribution, and playing of compu…

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  • DoctorBleed

    I reviewed the "original" Jeff the Killer, but I didn't get to say much that hasn't already been said. Just about every knows it's a bad story, and that's why it was taken off the wiki. But, given that Jeff is a major figure in general Creepypasta lore, the admins realized they really did need him to have some kind of presence on the site. So, in 2015 they created a contest where users would write their own remakes of the story. Was the remake any good? Well, it's complicated. I'll explain my thoughts here.

    Before we begin, however, I have to give full disclosure. I'm one of the people who entered the contest. My story did not make the finalists, but you can still read it on the Spinpasta wiki under the title "Jeff the Killer: One by One." …

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  • DoctorBleed

    Jeff the Killer Review

    January 20, 2017 by DoctorBleed

    Jeff the Killer is a major icon in the Creepypasta world, rivaling Slenderman and The Rake as mascots of Creepypasta itself. It's just a shame the "original" story he came from is so, so horrible.

    I'm putting "original" in quotes because the most famous story, the one written by an unknown author and published in 2011, is not the source of the character. The original character came from a short video called "Jeff The Killer" by a YouTube user named Seusser. Unfortunately, the account associated with that video has since been terminated (thanks, YouTube Heroes!) and is now considered lost media.

    So, like many really, really shitty Creepypastas, the 2011 JtK story is just the author writing a bad backstory to something scary he saw on the inte…

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  • DoctorBleed

    The original Sonic.exe was a really bad story that was not only full of cliches, but also created some cliches of its own. But, it was fairly simple and effective. Some guy plays a hacked version of Sonic that a friend gave him, it turns out to be haunted and evil. This formula was so simple and effective that about a hundred people copied it down to the letter afterward. It got so bad, the Creepypasta Wiki had to ban video game stories altogether.

    But while the first story had its problems, the sequel "Sonic.Exe: Round 2" is a serious contender the worst Creepypasta ever written. It's so bad that the original story looks golden in comparison.

    Written by the original author, JCTheHyena, this story is set before, during and after the events o…

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