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  • I live in The Forbidden Zone
  • I was born on October 30
  • My occupation is Writer
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  • DoctorBleed

    What on earth is going on at SCP? I'm reading stuff about the mods and authors arguing with people in their comment sections, apparently Homestuck fanfiction getting passed off as an SCP, a clandestine secret government organization coloring it's logo with pride colors? Stuff about 4chan, the original creators of SCP, being "toxic" and the site happily "purging" them.

    Am I just crazy? Is everything fine and I'm just reading too much into some isolated incidents? Let's talk about it.

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  • DoctorBleed

    I'm making this blog post just to clarify whether or not I'm hallucinating. I think the AVGN referenced Sonic.exe in his newest video. Look on the shelf in the first three seconds of his newest video.

    Screencap below.

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  • DoctorBleed

    What the fuck was that shit?

    Hi guys, DoctorBleed here. Sorry I haven't posted a review in months. I really don't have a good excuse. It's just really easy to get lazy and neglect projects you were once extremely enthusiastic about. But I'm back and I'm here to review "Deep Expectatins." A Pokemon fanfic creepypasta about the deep web.

    It's gonna be one of those days.

    I don't remember how I found out about this fic initially. I found it listed in my "potential reviews" folder and had no memory of putting it there. I think someone recommended it to me and I just

    The story is about tertiary Pokemon characters going on the deep web. While in real life, everything you read on the deep web is a hoax, apparently in the Pokemon universe everything yo…

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  • DoctorBleed

    My first published Ebook, "Doctor Bleed's Misery Pit" is on sale now on Lulu, coming soon to other outlets!

    This book is a collection of written works I've published on this site and elsewhere. I'm really proud of all of them and I'm quite happy to see them collected into a format that can be easily read on a phone, tablet or E-reader.

    This is my first published work, and I've put it out there at a time where I definitely could use the extra income. By buying this book, you'll be supporting me and I'll be able to publish more works like this for a long time.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll purchase my book!

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  • DoctorBleed

    This post is particularly directed towarrds the moderators/administrators of this site.

    I'm making this post because currently I'm trying to publish a collection of my short stories on Amazon Kindle. Currently, my book is blocked due to copyright concerns with KDP, with the fact that many of the stories are freely available online serving as another complication. 

    To publish my book on KDP, they need to verify that I have sole publishing rights to these stories. I notice many of the stories I've posted here are labeled "Creative Commons." I have to ask, does that disqualify me from having "sole publishing rights?" If so, I would like the license to be changed so that I can profit off my intellectual property.

    Thank you in advance for any help…

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