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  • DoctorBleed

    "Blood Whistle" Review

    January 18, 2017 by DoctorBleed

    In certain parts of rural Ohio, a "Blood Whistle" is what happens when a woman queefs while on an especially heavy period. In the world of bad Creepypasta, "Blood Whistle" is another generic entry in the "My Video Game Is Haunted" subgenre.

    Written by DubiousDugong, a really awful Creepypasta author in a sea of other terrible writers, DubiousDugong stands out from the rest only because he's a plagiarist. Which is pretty funny, because plagiarizing bad creepypasta is a bit like fishing turds out of your neighbor's toilet to fill your own bowl with. If you can't even produce your own shit, you are a special kind of incompetent.

    "Blood Whistle" is a Mario creepypasta that borrows heavily from Sonic.exe, and several other Mario creepypasta. Base…

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  • DoctorBleed

    "Clockwork: Your Time Is Up" is not so much a horror story as it is an unfortunate byproduct of the short-lived craze created in the wake of Jeff the Killer's popularity, which spawned an entire subgenre of creepypastas where sexy teenage killers with silly gimmicks murder people who genuinely deserve to die anyway.

    Clockwork is the story of Natalie Ouellette, who has a name so french it shits frogs, laughs way too hard at Jerry Lewis, and has serious problems with radical islam. The story focuses on her descent into madness and inexplicable magical abilities. That's pretty much all I can tell you about her character, because there's really nothing to her. Natalie has no personality whatsoever, and aside from the fact that she likes drawing…

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  • DoctorBleed

    I was going to save this post for tomorrow but after dealing with a nasty back-and-forth with another user I feel like it's better if I just get all my thoughts about this matter out now and articulate my feelings clearly and concisely.

    I entered a story in the JTK rewrite contest and didn't make the top five, which really sucks. It's a huge disappointment and it sucks even worse that I had to find out in the middle of the night while searching my email for a completely different subject. I guess that last part is more my fault than anyone else's. Still, it sucks.

    That doesn't mean I'm bitter at the judges or want to demand a recount or implore the admins to bend the rules to my will or anything ridiculous like that, of course. I lost. I acc…

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  • DoctorBleed

    I'm extremely excited to announce that I've completed my entry for the "Jeff the Killer" rewrite contest! This is something I wanted to do even before the contest was announced and I'm really proud of how it came out. I've posted the Pastebin in the thread, but I'll post it here too so it's easy to find. I hope that's alright.

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  • DoctorBleed

    It's too damn hot

    September 6, 2015 by DoctorBleed

    Hey, I've got a horror story for you: a guy tries to get writing done, but it's so damn hot and he has no air conditioner in his room anymore, so instead he just suffers and gets absolutely zero work done.

    And the scariest part is this story is completely true! Ooohhh no! Hyper-realistic heat!

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