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Entry 1

I've made this account due to the fact that some strange things have been happening. I've read creepy pastas for years, but I know you people are smarter than you act. You all know how and what to do when strange things happens. You embrace it. I will record on here what has been happening to me, and update it whenever I feel necessary.

So far the only things that have happened are small dead animals arriving at my door, but this could just be someone prancing me. My main issue is when taking a shower. When I shower I continue to hear strange noises; not the kind you would from a pipe malfunction. I also have heard this little ring. I can't really describe it. I suppose it's like when you clang a bell, but the clang being one continuous ring. These things have begun to cause some insomnia on my part, and I'd like for you to help me explain the situation in a logical sense.

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