I've decided to start keeping track of some possible change ideas for a story I'm helping to edit. It's called Little Talk, and it's written by Tyberzannisultra. I've read it a couple times up and down and it's pretty good! It's up on my talk page if anybody else is interested but here is the place for the little things I might be adding.

This might be a bit long but let's start. These are just ideas, probably will come back and work on later-

"And now the woman, old and frail, was all alone. The stair groaned again under her soft step." + "The sound echoed through her mind, reminding her that she was all alone."

"'Soon this will'" + "'all'" "'be over,'" she sighed, "and buried with our past." + "She felt peace knowing that he was there."

"She felt desperate. She didn't understand, she felt like she needed to know more, but she couldn't remember why." + "Nothing made sense to her now." '"I don't know if I am wrong or right.'"

More edits to come.