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Hunger Strike

Currently distantly connected ideas regarding a story. As for why this is post is titled Hunger Strike, don't ask me. It has nothing to do with hunger striking.


Most cities always seem to have places where not even the police visit.


(insert name) had just deposited his check. He had just been paid by a millionaire developer to go and scout for neighborhoods to be gentrified and made profitable. Any old neighborhood in the poor side of town would do.


The sun didn't shine here like it did in other parts of town. The high rise apartment buildings that had long since been burned out blocked out the light like massive concrete blinds. Shadows spread across empty lots filled with trash,. The decaying facades of the old theaters and hotels and the boarded up shop windows gave a sense of death and rot. The whole area seemed to have darkness in the air. The people who lived here had abandoned this part of town years ago.


(our subject of this story) noticed one building in particular- a fortress-like structure surrounded by a fence. He made his way closer and realized what it was. An abandoned police station. "Maybe we could turn this into commercial space" he thought as he made his way up to the fence. He couldn't help but notice the gate was unlocked.


Chained up in the holding tank was a body, the skull broken and caved in. On the wall was a large dark spot, blood and brain matter, and scratchings. As (our hero?) stared fixated on it, he thought he heard something.


That's all I got, and it's sad I don't have anything connecting these ideas. All I got past this is that insert name decides to check out some of the buildings and, as often happens... I can't remember what my idea was

If anyone would like to help me out, feel free to do so, and if you want to change stuff around be my guest, just as long as you show me what.

Work has me mentally drained

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