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    Hunger Strike

    November 29, 2015 by Disco Circus

    Currently distantly connected ideas regarding a story. As for why this is post is titled Hunger Strike, don't ask me. It has nothing to do with hunger striking.


    Most cities always seem to have places where not even the police visit.


    (insert name) had just deposited his check. He had just been paid by a millionaire developer to go and scout for neighborhoods to be gentrified and made profitable. Any old neighborhood in the poor side of town would do.


    The sun didn't shine here like it did in other parts of town. The high rise apartment buildings that had long since been burned out blocked out the light like massive concrete blinds. Shadows spread across empty lots filled with trash,. The decaying facades of the old theaters and hotels …

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    My return

    October 29, 2015 by Disco Circus

    First time being here in months due to losing password and being buried in work

    I missed coming here

    I have an idea for a story. It's about music and is loosely based on a true story of something that happened with me and my friends, rather very loosely. The name of the music group iin question has been changed along with some of the other things that happened, which here are directly part of the story as opposed to just weird coincidences that befell my friends and I

    Hope y'all like :)

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    I hate working

    March 30, 2015 by Disco Circus

    First time I've been able to get on here in... a long time. Been buried in work and felt bad not coming here. Thinking of a story to possibly be writing soon, should be good :)

    It'll be a video story

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    Little Talk

    September 26, 2014 by Disco Circus

    I've decided to start keeping track of some possible change ideas for a story I'm helping to edit. It's called Little Talk, and it's written by Tyberzannisultra. I've read it a couple times up and down and it's pretty good! It's up on my talk page if anybody else is interested but here is the place for the little things I might be adding.

    This might be a bit long but let's start. These are just ideas, probably will come back and work on later-

    "And now the woman, old and frail, was all alone. The stair groaned again under her soft step." + "The sound echoed through her mind, reminding her that she was all alone."

    "'Soon this will'" + "'all'" "'be over,'" she sighed, "and buried with our past." + "She felt peace knowing that he was there."


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    Supposedly I'm good at writing stories, but supposedly I'm also self critical. I have too high of standards for myself. I don't think that.

    I can't write fluff. I'm strictly business when it comes to writing. Fluff is boring, and writing it distracts me from plot. Plot is something I'm good at.

    I write exactly as I think. If you're reading this and it sounds a little strange, this is probably why. Don't worry, this is only for drafts. Everything gets cut and polished.

    I really wish I had someone I could write stuff with.

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