Welcome! This is a story of how i started making creepy pasta stories! I know they might not good as good as usual but i was looking forward if you would sometime read them! The first i ever made was "corrupt/x/brothers" its based on a story of 2 brothers killing and stuff so yeah... I'll be happy to make more stories! I hope you guys enjoy them! And feel free to support :) i will also be looking forward to read one of your interesting creepy stories! Just message me anytime for your story and i will surely read them! I know i've wrote a little things on this but i have a lot of duties to do! Like making ideas for stories! So feel free to message me your stories and i will be looking forward to read them! And also feel free to give me some ideas! Peace out! Tips for beginners: Make sure its very creepy. Make the people reading shiver and cry. Make a lot of details.