The Ravines Night Creature Planning:

(Reviews and critiquing allowed and appreciated!)

(Please Note: I will change the ending to make it better and I made the summary very vague so the story would still be surprising. I also may change the story entirely seeing how I don’t know what Creepy thing I’m using)

P.O.V: First Person

Setting: The Woods of the Ravines, Clay County Florida


1. Caleb (Me)  

2. Matthew (Matt)  

3. Marcos  

4. Kevin

The Creepy Thing in the Story:

The Creature

-Never really seen fully but it blends in with the shadows

-Makes a slight whistling sound when around

-The woods go dead quiet when it’s by

-Can shapeshift (Like the goatman)

Summary: I head of over to Matthews house and play games. When it hits night we decide to go and play man hunt. The teams are me and Matt against Marcos and Kevin. Kevin and Marcos hide first while me and Matt count. As we hunt for them a lot of weird crap happens (Like this slight whistling, bushes moving, we swear we see something that ends up not being there, etc.) We end up back at the house where Marcos and Kevin are waiting. They say they saw something to and had booked it back to the house. We all head back out there with flashlights to see what it was. More stuff happens (see what looks like Marcos standing there but runs off, etc.) and we end up back in the house for the rest of the night.

Ending: The story ends up kinda weak because the next day everything was normal. Marcos and Kevin went home and I stayed with Matt till around 7:00 PM. When my parents finally came I told Matt that I would see him next time and that whatever he does he should NOT enter the woods at night. I hopped into the car, rolled down the window and sat there looking out into the woods. As we pulled out of the driveway the breeze pushed through my hair and it made me think about the previous night. When we reached the edge of his street I rolled my window up and while doing so thought that for a second…. I heard a slight whistling in the breeze.