• DinoHuntin95

    The Ravines Night Creature Planning:

    (Reviews and critiquing allowed and appreciated!)

    (Please Note: I will change the ending to make it better and I made the summary very vague so the story would still be surprising. I also may change the story entirely seeing how I don’t know what Creepy thing I’m using)

    P.O.V: First Person

    Setting: The Woods of the Ravines, Clay County Florida


    1. Caleb (Me)  

    2. Matthew (Matt)  

    3. Marcos  

    4. Kevin

    The Creepy Thing in the Story:

    The Creature

    -Never really seen fully but it blends in with the shadows

    -Makes a slight whistling sound when around

    -The woods go dead quiet when it’s by

    -Can shapeshift (Like the goatman)

    Summary: I head of over to Matthews house and play games. When it hits night we decide to go …

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