I'm not saying they're making it up or anything but it's about time we talk about a different entity, thank god you guys have me, I'll save you.

So I had this dream a few years ago, and because of it I have nictophobia, end of story. Now for details:

In the dream there was this girl, about 7 or 8 years old, skin was pale like if she was already dead and she had a long black dress and long black hair, and I really really liked her - oh, I could only see her through a mirror -, I constantly captivated her, I would hug her and talk to her constantly, taking care of her in general. Until one day I stoped it, and then I started seeing her outside the mirror, at first she would just stand there and look at me, while I was dinnering with my parents, while I was at school, she would just stand there, no one could see her but me. Fine, okay, it was disturbing but acceptable, until she started to smile...her smile..well, her teeth...she opened her mouth in such a devilish smile, her teeth were just too big to fit in her mouth, literally, it just creeped the fuck out of me..still does. The thing is, I woke up really bad, I pondered about the dream for a good while, and even did some research on the subject to later find out the pale girl in the black dress meant death...well, fine, great, a nightmarish dream, good as long as it doesn't happen again..

Well..I started seeing her outside the dream, specifically when it's dark at night.. I took a blanket to cover myself while I'm writing this because she's standing just by my side, I don't want to look..god damn it, I hate it, every night is the same fucking thing, I am a guy with not many fears, many consider me rather crazy because I do things other people wouldn't for the sole fact of being afraid to, there are only two things I know I am afraid of, deep water I can't see what's below (I once got bitten by a piranha for swimming in dangerous deep lakes) and her, I call it nictophobia but I'm actually afraid of her, and she only shows up at night when I'm alone..fuck I'll finish this quick because I know she's just there, I don't know what she wants but I can't take her look and her smile, it makes me feel a strange feeling, it's like a mix of guilt and a lot of fear.. I don't even know what I am afraid of, but only of talking about her my heart starts beating much much faster...

I wonder if anyone saw her before too..