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  • I live in Die Folterkammer
  • I was born on October 19
  • My occupation is Folterer
  • I am Diff
  • Diffomega

    So much slenderman

    July 29, 2012 by Diffomega


    I'm not saying they're making it up or anything but it's about time we talk about a different entity, thank god you guys have me, I'll save you.

    So I had this dream a few years ago, and because of it I have nictophobia, end of story. Now for details:

    In the dream there was this girl, about 7 or 8 years old, skin was pale like if she was already dead and she had a long black dress and long black hair, and I really really liked her - oh, I could only see her through a mirror -, I constantly captivated her, I would hug her and talk to her constantly, taking care of her in general. Until one day I stoped it, and then I started seeing her outside the mirror, at first she would just stand there and look at me, whi…

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  • Diffomega

    And there is nothing I can do...he's the only friend I have and now..

    He's a genius..geniuses shouldn't have to go like this.

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  • Diffomega

    Mr. Pengy beat me to this post, try answering it seriously.

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  • Diffomega


    January 15, 2012 by Diffomega

    Why do every blog post is filled with such intense hatred? It makes you look dumb and ignorant, not to mention it makes it seem like you know nothing on the subject, such as the kid that dislikes egg but never ate egg and ignores the fact that are many ways of eating and preparing egg.

    Try taking a calming pill before writing a blog post and use this wonderfull marvel of technology known as google to do some research on the subject before you post with immense hatred destroying all evidence that you once made use of or had a working brain.

    I must say that this is just a hint, because hatred filled posts makes then look ignorant and disproved of thought when they might actually not be.

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