Different Status

aka Dominic (I am Outdated Textbook)

  • I live in a hole.
  • I was born on September 5
  • I am blinding the sun.
  • Different Status

    I hate when people think I am Necrosanity. Wanna know why they think that? Look at my profile picture.

    I am not Necrosanity. I am not active on this wikia. Just on the Chat and Fixing grammar mistakes. This was just a message for people who call me Necrosanity or People that think that.

    See you in the next Blog Post! - OTextbook - 

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  • Different Status

    I am not making much Creepypasta cause of High School.

    I gotta go through High School and it is a pain in the ass. I gotta stay in for a few more months before getting released. I can't wait for High School to be out. I'll be online on a Creepypasta Wikia on Saturday to make a few Creepypastas. Sunday I will make two or a few.

    Okay I'll see you on the next blog post. - OTextbook -

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