Welcome, my friends. If you are keeping track of those fancy things called calendars, you might have noticed that we're in October, the month of death, fear, heavy metal and candy. Now, October is my favorite month for multiple reasons, but most importantly the Halloween. Where I live Halloween unfortunately isn't a very big deal, but screw it. I'm still gonna dress up as a homicidal bastard (so basically my usual outfit) and chase people in the street, no matter what others think. Anyway, here we have the 2016 Collab Project (hopefully it gets finished in time), Emp's Halloween Horr-tacular and this year's Halloween Costume Contest, with your favorite judges: Jonathan-the respectable author, Empy-the ex-tyrant, French-the gay french-man, Jay-the trans-vestite harbinger and me-the cruel god.

On another note, today I was remembering a great, old friend-short creepy films. Who doesn't love them? They're just perfect for people like me-bored and lacking the patience (and the traffic speed) necessary to watch a full film, but still wants to be goddamn impressed. The demands were pretty unreasonable, I know. But they certainly were fulfilled. Here's a list of a few short films, some creepier than the others, along with a brief description to them. Enjoy.

The Backwater Gospel- A 10-minutes clip about religion, its devout followers and preachers and how it tore them apart. I'm a christian and even I love it.

The Maker- A five-minutes clip that represent life. Its animation style and background music make it even greater. The character design may create different reactions, but I personally think it was kinda cute.

The Man in the Lower-Left Hand Corner of the Photograph Part 1 and Part 2- perhaps the creepiest on this list. If you are familiar with The Cat With Hands video, this comes from the same guy who made it. Not much else to say, its meaning is up to interpretation, I just think it's reaaaaally fucked-up.