Hello, my friends. I'm Diex, or, how most of you know me, "that guy that sometimes tries to be funny in the comments". In case you were wondering, this blog is about my personal life. Oh, stop complaining, my life is pretty boring, this probably is the last time. Anyway, this one is about a friend (maybe ex-friend). I knew her for almost one year and she was sweet, childish, funny and, most importantly, altruistic. We were best friends. I thought I knew everything about her, but today she closed her Facebook account and basically told me the person I knew was just a mask and insulted me.

But my opinion, she was a bad fucking actor. Now I know she is moving out of the country and I think she believed that if she cut off any relationship in this country, she would suffer less when she leaves. But, fake or not, I will remember her for who she was, the good she did, not the thing she wants to believe she was. I feel much calmer than I thought I will be. But I learned an important lesson, don't trust humans. Luckily, in my home dimension people can't lie. Anyway guys, any of you had any similar experience, anything that made you feel...betrayed?