Greetings, ladies You probably already know who I am, if you don't, I'm that guy that makes dick jokes every two sentences almost compulsively, usually at the expense of our poor tyrannic elite of admins. I'm Diex, or Dix (dicks. I wanted to spell that out). Anyway, since we're very close to Christmas and pretty close to the New Year's Eve, and since I like to be the first, I decided to make a short blog about those two holidays and how they relate to this place.

So Christmas! A great holiday with a very interesting history: it initially was a gruesome custom of the dirty heathens (pagans) and then got adapted and improved by their highly superior Christian leaders (/sarcasm). Today Christians and heathens alike celebrate and enjoy it for various reasons. This place wasn't left cold (+1 for winter pun) to it either, we have the grandiose Christmas Jollytime Murderfest Competition. After ignoring the multiple drop-outs of the contest, we may as well move on.

A holiday everyone is looking forward to is the New Year's Eve because...look, this wasn't the best year. Multiple terrorist attacks, rather controversial elections (and not just in America) and the death of multiple legendary people: David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Muhammad Ali and many others. Strictly talking about this site however, this years was actually pretty good. Many new users who became regulars (and hopefully more to come), a bigger list of admins (with that demented psycho Empy soon to return) and a site make-over. Although there still are people like Michael McDipshit Nemeth to bum us out.

In the end I wanted to wish everyone here happy holidays and perhaps ask you, how are you spending the holidays?