Alright, you probably noticed that the user RuckusQuantum has signed off today. If you are an active user here you will remember him as a great artist, writer and friend. Judging by the fact that he has turned off comments on his last blog post, he probably wished for a quiet goodbye. I'm sorry, but that's a wish I can't respect. If it is deemed necessary, this post may be deleted anyway, but I still decided to make it. Just wanted to share my thoughts on this.

As stated before, you probably remember him as an awesome friend, artist and writer. But he was also a fairly troubled individual. Despite being very young and obviously talented in what he was doing, he tended to be very critical and harsh on his own work, which I can relate to, towards a certain degree. As seen in a few blogposts, he had a lot of real-life problems related to school and depression. Those problems slowly led him to leave this place.

He is responsible for creating the wiki's wordmark, many users' (including me) name logos, several great covers and several fascinating stories. Despite not interacting much, I considered him a friend. You can also share your thoughts below, if you want to. And if he's reading this, buddy, I really hope your case will be similar to Jay's and you'll return once your problems are sorted out (maybe in a similarly comical fashion). This place will still be here if you want to continue reading great stories and in case of your possible return. Farewell.