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December 31, 2014
  • I live in The Void
  • I was born on October 26
  • My occupation is Hiding
  • I am Male

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  • Diexilius

    Here Comes Revenge!

    November 18, 2016 by Diexilius

    You may or may not know that today Metallica just released their new album Hardwired...To Self-Destruct, their first album in eight years (back when our admins were blissfully unaware of this hellhole that was about to form in the internet). Other than fact that they still kick ass despite being really really old, a great thing about this album is that a handful of the music videos lean in a dark direction. By far the creepiest is Here Comes Revenge, it contains elements our animal lovers (you know what I mean, you sick bastards) might find interesting. The only thing I can say about it without spoiling anything is that it started to make me a bit guilty about the dead goat from my sex dungeon (not sure why I kept it). It's also worth mentioni…

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  • Diexilius

    Happy Halloween everyone!

    October 31, 2016 by Diexilius

    Pretty much what the title said. Today we celebrate the most important holiday in human history-10 days from the release of the new Korn album, The Serenity of Suffering. Jokes aside, today's been a great day. Although I didn't get to chase people with a mask on and a knife, I substituted with reading the new Writer's Lounge interview and watching Halloween (1978). Happy Halloween!

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  • Diexilius

    Alright, you probably noticed that the user RuckusQuantum has signed off today. If you are an active user here you will remember him as a great artist, writer and friend. Judging by the fact that he has turned off comments on his last blog post, he probably wished for a quiet goodbye. I'm sorry, but that's a wish I can't respect. If it is deemed necessary, this post may be deleted anyway, but I still decided to make it. Just wanted to share my thoughts on this.

    As stated before, you probably remember him as an awesome friend, artist and writer. But he was also a fairly troubled individual. Despite being very young and obviously talented in what he was doing, he tended to be very critical and harsh on his own work, which I can relate to, tow…

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  • Diexilius

    Welcome, my friends. If you are keeping track of those fancy things called calendars, you might have noticed that we're in October, the month of death, fear, heavy metal and candy. Now, October is my favorite month for multiple reasons, but most importantly the Halloween. Where I live Halloween unfortunately isn't a very big deal, but screw it. I'm still gonna dress up as a homicidal bastard (so basically my usual outfit) and chase people in the street, no matter what others think. Anyway, here we have the 2016 Collab Project (hopefully it gets finished in time), Emp's Halloween Horr-tacular and this year's Halloween Costume Contest, with your favorite judges: Jonathan-the respectable author, Empy-the ex-tyrant, French-the gay french-man, …

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  • Diexilius

    Hello, my friends. I'm Diex, or, how most of you know me, "that guy that sometimes tries to be funny in the comments". In case you were wondering, this blog is about my personal life. Oh, stop complaining, my life is pretty boring, this probably is the last time. Anyway, this one is about a friend (maybe ex-friend). I knew her for almost one year and she was sweet, childish, funny and, most importantly, altruistic. We were best friends. I thought I knew everything about her, but today she closed her Facebook account and basically told me the person I knew was just a mask and insulted me.

    But my opinion, she was a bad fucking actor. Now I know she is moving out of the country and I think she believed that if she cut off any relationship in t…

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