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Why Are You Even Bothering Me?

I can't take anymore of this in...

I don't like what I'm going through right now, please don't ask me to explain myself doesn't feel right anymore, if any more boys keep  harassing me I WILL REQUEST A BAN on either one even if I have to walk through hell. I will tell you one thing, Rene (myself) does not like to be harassed niether do any of you, so please don't harass me it's fucking annoying! Even if I'm the only girl in chat I do not wish to be harassed after what I have experienced tonight I have been in tears and do not want to go through that again. To be honest I love you all but I have a feeling you all want to torture me and get away with it with the admins.... Though I am pissed off at some of you now isn't the time to ask what is wrong, thank you for my stay at this wiki I enjoy it very much; Thank you to the admins who try their best but please do not seek this as a threat to any of you, it is just how I am doing and how I feel about the Chat Room. Good day to you all. And I believe I said GOOD DAY.