There is a lot of battles with the Marble Hornets characters and shipments... These are ones that are my acceptance:

  • Hoody X Tim
  • Tim X Jay
  • Alex X Slender
  • Jay X Jessica
  • Tim X Masky
  • Tim X Slender
  • Jay X Slender
  • Jay X Hoody
  • Hoody X Slender
  • Masky X Slender
  • Alex X Jessica
  • Alex X Amy

Other Shipments in ARG's:

  • Noah X Observer
  • Noah X Slender
  • Noah X FireBrand
  • Evan X Vincent
  • Evan X Stephanie
  • Evan X Slender
  • Evan X Jefferey
  • Jefferey X Slender
  • Jefferey X Vincent

Shipments in Creepy Pasta's:

  • BEN X Jeff
  • Slender X Jeff
  • Slender X Trender
  • Sally X BEN
  • Ms. P X Jeff
  • Ms. P X BEN
  • Ms. P X Grinny
  • Grinny X Smile
  • Smile X Jeff
  • Laughing Jack X Jeff
  • Eyeless Jack X Jeff
  • Jeff X Masky
  • Hoody X Eyeless Jack
  • Hoody X Masky