A lot of people have wars between Youtube and their channels... well I prefer Markiplier other than Pewdiepie but then again I can like both... so I do like both but both are different in many ways... Markiplier does more horror featured games than Pewdiepie does... Markiplier may not have 10,000,000 subs, but Markiplier has his own SCP set up... So.. THAR...

I am one of the weirdo's out there who like and believe in the existence of Slender Man... So most of my Youtube channel subscriptions are from Slenderia series or Slender ARG's... Here are mine:

  • Marble Hornets Starring: Joseph Delage, Troy Wagner,  Tim Sutton. Their characters in their ARG are: Hoody, Masky, Slender, ToTheArk, Skully, Alex, Jay, Tim, Jessica, and Amy. Great series, highly reccomend watching it.
  • EveryManHYBRID Starring: Vincent Caffarello. Their characters in their ARG are: The Rake, The HABIT, Jeff The Killer (assumingly) and Slender
  • TribeTwelve Starring: Noah Maxwell. The characters he holds in his ARG are: The Observer, The Cursor, Persolus, Swain, Mr. Scars, DeadHead, FireBrand, Deus Ex Machina (ZALGO), and Slender.
  • OneHundredYardStare Starring: Ellie, Avery, and Macy. Their characters in their ARG are: Slender, and The Masked Maniac.