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My Buds/Friends/People I PM

Some of the people who PM me in Chat and are just normal Chat Friends

  • Jamesthekiller (PM's)
  • EdnoahJones (PM's)
  • RyleeThePegasis (PM's)
  • Deathgirl12 (PM's)
  • JeffTheKillerFan (PM's)
  • Eyeless Jack Girl (Chat Friend)
  • Jeffsson (PM's)
  • DarkHoodie (Chat Friend)
  • Kill1mes (Chat Friend)
  • Javer (Chat Friend)
  • WhyAmIReadingThis (Chat Friend)
  • SloshedTrain (My Admin/Starter Admin)
  • LOLSKELETONS (Chat Friend)
  • TwinArmogeddons (PM's)

You guise are my buds :) And I look up to you... for a strange reason

My Favorite Admins/ Mods

  • Kill1mes
  • Lesbian Fox
  • Subject D Test 3
  • ClericOfMadness
  • SloshedTrain

You guise are good guides... :)