Creepypasta Wiki



  • Diamondzarebright (myself)
  • Jamesthekiller
  • Ednoahjones
  • RyleeThePegasis (Otherwise known as Masky)
  • JeffTheKillerFan
  • Crashing Cymbal (Otherwise known as Tim while I myself is Tim)
  • JeffTheKiller (Yes he was banned but still)
  • Lei Omaki (Fellow Gamzee who HoNkS)
  • The twisted fate (Otherwise known as Jeff)
  • Jeffsson (If ugh... he ever talks to me again)
  • Pramierez353  (Known as Pram, Prammy , Prammi etc)
  • Slender666 (I call him Slendy)
  • Fullmoon67 (known as Raymond)
  • Emily4Ever (Known as June, Junebug etc)

Being Creepy is the Creepiest thing I have ever seen!

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