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Home Stuck Trolls- Favorites, Names, and Zodiacs

Home Stuck- My Favorite Trolls

  • Gamzee Makara
  • Karkat Vantas
  • Tavros Nitram
  • Equius Zahhak
  • Sollux Captor
  • Nepeta Lejion

Home Stuck- All Of The Trolls

  1. Aradia Megido
  2. Tavros Nitram
  3. Sollux Captor
  4. Karkat Vantas
  5. Nepeta Lejion
  6. Kanaya Maryam
  7. Terezi Pyrope
  8. Vriska Serket
  9. Equius Zahhak
  10. Gamzee Makara
  11. Eridan Ampora
  12. Feferi Peixes

Home Stuck- Zodiac Signs Of The 12 Trolls

  1. Aradia Megido- Aires
  2. Tavros Nitram- Tarus
  3. Sollux Captor- Gemini
  4. Karkat Vantas- Cancer
  5. Nepeta Lejion- Leo
  6. Kanaya Maryam- Virgo
  7. Terezi Pyrope- Libra
  8. Vriska Serket- Scorpio
  9. Equius Zahhak- Saggetarius
  10. Gamzee Makara- Capricorn
  11. Eridan Ampora- Aquarius
  12. Feferi Peixes- Pices

Home Stuck - Blood Colors

  1. Aradia Megido- Brick Red
  2. Tavros Nitram- Bronze
  3. Sollux Captor- Gold
  4. Karkat Vantas- Candy Red, Silver
  5. Nepeta Lejion- Green Olive
  6. Kanaya Maryam- Forest Green
  7. Terezi Pyrope- Teal
  8. Vriska Serket- Cerulean Blue
  9. Equius Zahhak- Navy Blue
  10. Gamzee Makara- Indigo
  11. Eridan Ampora- Violet, Purple
  12. Feferi Peixes- Tyrian Purple

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