Seriously The News Has Gone Mad...

Okay, now I know the news is supposed to warn us with things such as weather, and locals but what is this about natural disasters?! Seriously it's Oklahoma! They've been experiencing this stuff for years! Honestly, I am a local resident of Oklahoma. I live in Moore. Now recently a tornado happened. What does the news do? Bark right in our faces with tons of news reporters from around the world! Like we would need that kind of stuff when we are busy with the causes itself? Not only that with the news being so dramatic and continuous, it doesn't do much help reviving the intent issue itself. The news to me is just pointless shit just to make people riot and cry, it's just... the locals of certain states being complete morons for a maximum of fifteen seconds. Stop mentioning Moore on the news... It's getting to us Oklahomans'. We appreciate your deep concerns... but PLEASE STOP TORMENTING US WITH CAMERAS!


Moore, Oklahoma 2013 EF-5 Tornado