Why? You know, a blog shouldent be tampered with, I was keeping the dang thing here for copy and pasting to other places and now it's fucking gone, Blogs shouldent be messed with because no one is gonna push the Random pasta button and my story for saving will come up,  I tried to give this place a second try but no it's just as horrible as it was before, And how did it not fit your qualification? the spelling is right, the story is long, it's scary, it has characters, a creature and an explination, what else does it need? You shouldent just delete the fucking post and not tell me what it needs, I'm sure If it was just fine and I posted it, it would be deleted just because I had a warning before, Let me post it in my damn blogs, If some random guy can postt about making a youtube curse video,  should be able to post the fucking story.