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    Kickstart for Next book

    April 30, 2013 by Dfeyder

    I have been working day and night for much of the last mounth on a new project. I am about 120pages in and am starting to think about publishing. for my last two books I payed editing and printing fees out of pocket but i realy don't wont to have to do that again. so I'm going to for help.

    Im find this so far to be strangly stressful, not the writing part but the fundrasser, the writing I have done before, the wrinting I love, but my god three days into the drive and only one vistiter to my sight, and thay didin't contribute.

    I think i had best end it here.

    If you are intrested in helping out with this prodject please look at the link above.

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  • Dfeyder

    Prologue I

    Sonata to the Everlasting

                Marks awakes from his sleep, images from the most powerful dream in his life burned into his brain; he has seen himself passing a book from his withered and worn hands into the hands of a younger self. Marks swoops down to pick up his cat, Nuku, with the intent of traveling to his office in the tower. He grabs his hefty black overcoat from the door but fails to grab a shirt.

                Nuku lies quietly in the jeep as her gentle master drives to work in the early hours of the evening. Nuku likes to drive; every day she rides in the car with him, and when they arrive at work, she gets a cookie.

                Marks’ eyes gloss over with anticipation. Marks struggles to contain his excitement; all the …

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