So... most of you should be aware that the creepypasta chat was closed for a few days because of the "drama" that was going on in it. According to the offical post it was "attacking mods/admins, questioning moves, blah blah blah, THREATS OF REVOLUTION AGAINST MODS/ADMINS."

That is what I will be highlighting in this blog, I believe the source of all of this threat of evolution was a joke me and HolderOfSwag took too far. Me and him along with some other users I don't remember the names of (bad memory) were dicking around on the chat when me and him decided to make a joke of "revolution" in the style of the russian revolution. 

After some pics and jokes Sarah got pissed, the joke was shut down, well, until me and Swag made this abominaton.

Basically this site was meant to be a joke where people could make "fake JOKE revolutions" against random things, I was keeping that obvious while the others really weren't I guess after that other users thought this was all serious and "joined in" this lead to a "anyone threatening revolution gets a ban" order.

Long story short, shit didnt stop, people got out of control, and chat is closed.

All in all, this is simply a sincere apology for a joke we should've killed way before the wiki was made and got out of control. So... yeah, i kinda suck with apoligses (so much i cant spell it) So I guess, uhmmm, have a picture of a cat?

so yeah... we cool?