Hello friends, family, and my assinged NSA agent. I am Devincooper64, a moderator for the Creepypasta Wiki chat as of November of 2013. Thats a whopping seven months, which also ryhmes with Devin. Coincidence? You can bet your betty white sweet ass it is! **EDIT: It appears I was wrong, ive been a mod since January 17, 2014. Not as fun now, is it?**

Alright, all nonsensical stuff aside. I have been asked, along with the other mods of this site, to submit a re-app in this Natural Election. So you might be asking. Why do I, Devincooper64,  wish to be a mod once more? Well the answer is simple. Its because I have no life and need something to fullfil the void in my soul have been a part of this wiki since 2011 and have been a kind, dilligent rule follower and have done a good job as a mod thus far. Or at least, thats what users tell me. 

I have been on the chat moderating at an almost daily basis and have dropped to check on it on and off every day. I also have what I believe to be a good grasp on the rules and a good eye over the chat and its users. Now I could start shoving some other nonsensical bullcrap here to make this look more resonable, but really the fact that I am reliable and present at times and moments more than other mods, and that I have been a very large and friendly face in the community speaks enough for me.

I do hope I am recounted in by the admins, and by the users of the community. Because if im not im going to blow clerics house the fuck up then I'll probs be sad. Or maybe not, whatever. Imma just stop talking now before I start to drabble on with this stuff.

So uh... #ModDevin2014