Me and my friends started a game called "Let's Read" a game where we go on skype and force eachother to read stories. The game goes like this:

1. Players go onto a Skype voice chat

2. When its a players turn, the other participants will go online and find stories for them to read. This can be creepypasta, trollpasta, fan fic, forums posts, or anything in the between. 

3. The reader has to choose one of the stories at random and read it, there is no way out of it.

4. Once the reader is done, the next user reads a given story.

This is how simple as it gets, it could be Russain Crash Bandicoot, Cupcakes, or even Pokephilia. 

The posibilities are endless, if you want in on this action PM me on chat or post your skype below bro