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  • I live in America
  • I was born on November 26
  • My occupation is Making money... and modding the Spinpasta and Steven Universe Wiki Chats... it sucks
  • I am I might be a male, but I might be a female... online anonymity brah
  • Devincooper64

    Since fatal is way too slow with updating his list of songs given to him, I've decided to try it out myself. Make me a list of songs from any of your favorite or least favorite bands and I will listen to them and give a short thought to each of them.  100 entries below:

    • Nicole Dollanganger - Flowers of Flesh and Blood

    I love Nicole Dollanganger's work, she is easily one of the most beautiful and most disturbing musicians in music. Despite her very soft and innocent demeanor on her profile and her vocals, everything she writes and sings is nothing more than disturbing (Even has a concept EP about the Columbine shootings) now this song particulary is disturbing because I'm lost on the implications that the song is suggesting. While it is very …

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  • Devincooper64

    Goodbye Wikia.

    July 21, 2014 by Devincooper64

    I've come to realize something in the weeks that the CPWiki Chat was shut down. Something I didn't want to realize until a certain someone got banned. That certain someone happens to be Noah. You see, he was banned from both the CPWiki and Troll Pasta wiki chat shortly after being demoted from mod position. I won't go into much about it but I do believe his demotion was justified and his actions in the CPWiki chat following justified his ban. 

    All was fine, but then come a few weeks later Noah was banned from the Trollpasta wiki. The offical reason was something among the lines of drama, but from what I learned it appearshe was banned longer than the normal ban time for his actions. This was something everyone in the chat seemed to be okay …

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  • Devincooper64

    lol chat shutdown

    June 30, 2014 by Devincooper64

    Well, looks like the chat is gone and we're free. Time to go do something productive. 


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  • Devincooper64

    Lol chat got shut downed, dont know for how long. But anywhere without the mods bitching up a storm makes this site a better place :D

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  • Devincooper64

    Hello friends, family, and my assinged NSA agent. I am Devincooper64, a moderator for the Creepypasta Wiki chat as of November of 2013. Thats a whopping seven months, which also ryhmes with Devin. Coincidence? You can bet your betty white sweet ass it is! **EDIT: It appears I was wrong, ive been a mod since January 17, 2014. Not as fun now, is it?**

    Alright, all nonsensical stuff aside. I have been asked, along with the other mods of this site, to submit a re-app in this Natural Election. So you might be asking. Why do I, Devincooper64,  wish to be a mod once more? Well the answer is simple. Its because I have no life and need something to fullfil the void in my soul have been a part of this wiki since 2011 and have been a kind, dilligent rul…

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