This is gonna stay short since I'm on my phone, but this issue means a lot to me.

I recently learned that some large Internet Service Providers (I don't know their names) have been campaigning once again to attempt to abolish Net Neutrality in America. Net Neutrality is a set of rules that stops them from making your internet unbearably slow for certain sites (such as this one) or just block you from them altogether.

You can probably understand why this is bad, in how it restricts people from accessing and sharing new ideas, and restricting innovation. The internet was made for sharing ideas and things, such as these stories, and repealing Net Neutrality will heavily restrict this.

The best thing you can do right now is write to your constituents defending net neutrality, or get the word out.

Thanks for reading this.

I'm sorry this wasn't better, wikia is a pain in the ass to browse on mobile.