It's that time of year again. Children are accepting food from tens upon tens of strangers, people are dressing up so as to be unrecognizable, and being scared is expected. I must say, this makes it seem quite easy to... well...

you get the idea.

Aaanyway, I've been feeling kind of let down this year since I'm not organizing a halloween party, but instead hanging out with a few of my friends who are more into horror and watching some classics. This means that instead of making a costume and dressing up, which is my favourite part of halloween, I'm going to be in my normal clothes "hanging out". So, feeling disappointed, and with not too much to do, I went on my computer. When I loaded up my desktop, I saw my profile picture for all my accounts, and realized that just because I wasn't dressing up physically didn't mean I couldn't make a 'costume' for my profile. So, here's my new photo:
MLG Mango Halloween

New profile photo

I might put my old one up to compare, but... eh. Not right now.