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March 3, 2016
  • I live in The land of Igloos, Hockey, and Tim Horton's
  • My occupation is High school student
  • I am Female, according to Diexilius (I'm male)
  • Derpyspaghetti

    Losing Interest

    January 9, 2017 by Derpyspaghetti

    This is by no means a final goodbye.

    Addendum: The only reason I made this was so I could tell myself that it was okay if I didn't make ten edits a day, or review three or four stories on the workshop every week. I love this place, but I feel like I'm being overactive.

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  • Derpyspaghetti

    Read this at your own risk. I'm a terrible reviewer, and this is probably surface-level stuff.

    Hey out there, everyone and anyone who takes the time to read this. If you came before Empy's first great story massacre, you will know me as an active but relatively new user, and if you came after, you will probably know me as just another regular. I'm not here for introductions, though. I'm here to post an incredibly poorly thought-out review of EmpyrealInvectives longest novella so far (probably not including A Good Ending), We R Leejun. I'm not gonna make it a secret, I love this novel. It's easily better than some published ones I've read. That being said, I don't want to say it's flawless because that'd be stupid, but I am going to say, as …

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  • Derpyspaghetti

    Happy 2017 Everyone!

    December 27, 2016 by Derpyspaghetti

    Before I forget (or if the wifi here goes down/my ipad breaks again), I'm just gonna create this blog post to wish everyone here a happy new year. I'm in eastern Canada (mid-west by the time the countdown starts, I hope), so I'll probably end up celebrating later than most of you, but for those of you that want to get a sense of when I'm going to cross into 2017, I'm 7 hours back from GMT.

    2016 was a rough year for everyone. Many people will be glad it's over and the ties it has to so much negativity will be severed, others will be rejoicing that the year is turning around, giving them a chance to turn over a new leaf, while others will be lying over trash bins in a pile of their own vomit due to excessive drinking. I myself will probably b…

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  • Derpyspaghetti

    Going Away

    December 18, 2016 by Derpyspaghetti

    Okay, so I'm writing this blog a bit early, but since the next few days are going to be a bit weird I was worried I wouldn't have time (I probably will, but just making sure). So, this is going to be a short one, just to explain away where I am when I fall out of activity these next two weeks.

    Anyway, so I'm going to go to Toronto for a couple days to see my family before going with them to Ottawa, where I'll be staying for the next two weeks. Uh... yeah. That's it.

    I'll try to keep up my activity these next couple days, but I'll have to see.

    Anyway, see you all in the new year!

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  • Derpyspaghetti

    Jesus - just found out that Creeparoni narrated my story. I'm shaking right now to think that I'd be good enough for that. I'm super lucky to have my stories on the site, much less narrated, and shit - by someone with that many subs? Even though a lot of you down in the comments already have this, it still feels like a huge milestone for me.

    Other than that, there's not much to say. The like/dislike ratio was good, I was called an edgelord in the comments (I'm not surprised), and it was decently received.

    So thanks, Creeparoni, for narrating that, and Wait, what time is it? Fuck, I'm not going to sleep at all tonight, am I?

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