aka Emraldfennec (transformice)

  • I live in Mars
  • I was born on September 30
  • My occupation is I fly around the multiverse making people stupid
  • I am I am a girl... and about that FUCK the color pink... im not a feminist.... i just hate the color pink
  • Derpypotato

    Hello members of creepypasta wiki. I am considering writing a creepypasta. I need you guys to tell me if there is anything i shjould add about the charecter it revolves around, or if i should just not publish it at all.

    Basicly the charecter here is an insane 25 year old. she sees the world.... differently. Kind of like the "little sisters" from the bioshock games. but not exactly. The charecter just see happy things instead of bad things.

    The charecter also sees people differently. The charecter basiclly goes atound grusomly murdering people thinking that they are helping him. If there is anything this wiki needs more of its killerpastas. 

    Im still brainstorming here.

    is there something else i should add about the charecter? should she have a…

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